How to contact the Commitee and the Team Captains

General Contacts
Name Role Email Address
Bett Dryhurst
Andy Wright
Daffyd Barnes Treasurer
Spencer Read League Secretary

Division 1 Contacts
Team Name Email Address
Barnt Green 1 John Cartwright
Boughton Park 1 Sam Bayliss
Droitwich 1 Mark Coppen
Hereford Tommy Burton
Malvern Active 1 Jamie Adams
Manor Park 1 Jack Young
Redditch 1 Dave Banks
Stourbridge 1 Chris Raybould
Stourport 1 Stuart Granger
Stourport 2 Stuart Granger

Division 2 Contacts
Email Address
Barnt Green 2 Martyn Langston
Droitwich 2 Karl Amess
Droitwich 3 Spencer Read
Evesham 1 Granthan Speake
Malvern Active 2 Oliver Parker
Manor Park 2 Pete Mortimer
Nunnery Wood Stuart Green
Redditch 2 Geoff Haines
Stourbridge 2 Ian Hughes

Division 3 Contacts
Email Address
Barnt Green 3 Dave Hebron
Boughton Park 2 Sam Bayliss
Evesham 2 Greig Neal
Pershore 1 Jon Clifford-Smith
Pershore 2 Jon Clifford-Smith
Redditch 3 Andy Schofield
Redditch 4 Rob Hawker
Stourbridge 3 Lucy Hancocks
Stourbridge 4 Simon Beresford
Stourport 3 Stuart Granger